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Campaign Management

Memento Technologies is Branding and Advertising agency in Junagadh ,Gujarat.

    Right offer to Right Customer through Right Channel 


Right Time 

Campaign  planning and development 

1. Setting Objectives and Strategies

2. Identifying Customer Segments

3. Developing the Communication Strategy

4. Developing the Offer

5. Campaign Budget


campaign management and business growthmarketing strategy

develop individualized marketing strategy that utilized customer information to build long-term personalized,and profitable relationships with every customer.

A series of interconnected promotional efforts designed to achieve precise marketing goals.

  •   Composed of one or more promotions, each of which is an initiative or a device designed to attract the customers’ interest
  •  Aimed at prospects or existing customers
  • Usually undertaken within a defined time frame 
Proposition and benefits user needs our promotion our offering "How do we identify and reach out to prospects who are similar to our customers" spend optimizer database and list support .

Campaign Strategy

Who to target?
  1.  Retention strategy: focusing on existing customers 
  2. Ideally the company should target its most profitable customers 
  3.  Approaches: Loyalty programs, cross selling, up-selling, cross-merchandising 
  4.  Acquisition strategy: concentrating on getting new customers 
  5.  If company wants to sell the same product to new customers: n target “prospects” based on the profile and behavior model of existing customers
  6.  If company wants to offer different products to new customers: n develop new markets 
 Mixed strategy between retention-acquisition: targeting existing and new customers at the same time
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